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In Transition The Black Forest is a cultural landscape in transition, which is characterised by the fact that it responds to current challenges with innovative solutions. The NATURE sculpture is a contemporary response to the pressing ecological questions of the present. It creates an awareness of the change in the landscape just as much as it the building material wood with technically forward-looking solutions in a climate-neutral Land Art project, thus increasing the attractiveness of the Black Forest for residents and visitors as well.

NATUR is emblazoned as oversized lettering on a hill in the Black Forest. Visible from afar, the lettering is immediately recognisable to the observer as a signet, as it not only uses the same typeface as the "Hollywood" letters above Los Angeles, but also follows their height of 14 metres. The entire 60-metre-wide structure, however, has a completely different construction design. It is made of different local woods from the Black Forest, each letter of a different type of wood without the use of artificial materials such as metal, plastic or concrete.

Innovation New constructive ground is being broken with the innovative reciprocal framework: The wooden elements stabilise each other through gravity and a sophisticated arrangement, creating a balancing sculpture that defies wind and weather without a deep foundation.

Decomposition work With the erection of the sculpture, it is handed over to the play of natural forces – it is thus transformed into an ecological sculpture: the gradual process of degradation over decades, which leaves its mark on the letters at different speeds depending on the type of wood, and the gradual formation of a protected forest is an essential part of the project. The act of local intervention, as known from Christo and Jeanne-Claude, among others, takes on an extended time dimension in the decomposition works, which implicitly refers to the creeping changes in the landscape of the Northern Black Forest.

Kick-off in the Black Forest On 24 July 2022, the first NATURE sculpture with a height of three metres and a length of 14 metres was handed over to nature with an "Open Sculpture Day" on the Kleinebene in Oppenau in the northern Black Forest. The project was presented in spring 2022 to the public for the first time in the exhibition "Where nature is on it, nature is in it" as part of the Museum Night in Oppenau. More of these "small" sculptures distributed throughout the Black Forest are in the pipeline.

Tim Otto Roth "Art doesn't give answers, it asks questions!" is how the conceptual artist and composerTim Otto Roth describes his philosophy. The project page not only accompanies and documents the creation of NATUR, but also encourages people to ask such questions.